SO. MUCH. FUN. We have spent so much time getting to know Ronald and Katria and have always loved the strong dynamic between all their friends and family. It has been an honor to photograph so many beautiful couples through this family and we love the crazy fun antics they bring to the table!

Here is their beautiful love story…

“Ronald is my best friend, love of my life, partner in crime and soul mate.  We were introduced by mutual friends in 2004 at Ocean Beach (San Francisco), and have been inseparable ever since.  It wasn’t the smoothest of introductions.  Ronald was incapability of carrying a conversation, which for those who know him well is hard to believe.  When I offered him a seat on my beach towel, he played the “cool card” and responded, “Nah, I like to stand.”  He likes to think that that smooth line was what “reeled me in”.  After Ocean Beach, we all went to Mel’s Diner on Geary, and Ronald was slowly starting to open up.  Our friends really made things obvious and awkward by leaving Ronald and I alone together every chance they got.  It wasn’t until Michael Jackson’s “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” played on the radio that finally broke the ice.  Who knew that I would meet someone who had the same admiration for Michael Jackson and obsession for The Simpsons?  Needless to say, the rest is history.

15 years really flew by in a blink of an eye.  We’ve seen, discovered, and experienced so much in that time that it’s difficult to put into words.  It’s a feeling; a feeling of many complimenting contradictions. We’re a team, but we’re individuals.  We’re outgoing, but also hermit-like.  We’re each others’ biggest supporters, but very competitive with each other.  It’s the feeling of fulfillment and being whole.  It’s cherishing the journey we’ve traveled so far, and being excited for what’s to come. It’s a beautiful thing to be able to share a life and grow with someone, not just as a couple, but in support and celebration each others’ individual growth as well.

So, even before a venue or date (or engagement ring), we knew that we wanted to work with Dee and Kris.  They were photographers for 2 previous weddings in Ronald’s family, so we’ve been fortunate enough to have worked with them in some capacity.  Not only are they amazing at their craft, they are genuinely amazing people too.  We have had the opportunity to already do an engagement shoot with them, and they made it so fun and easy.  Also having the actual engagement during the shoot wasn’t too bad either 🙂  We are looking forward to having even more fun during the wedding!

When we think about our wedding, we really just want to celebrate our love with our family and friends.  They are a huge presence in both of our lives, and that dictated where we would consider getting married.  Our absolute favorite vacation spot is Kauai.  We are always raving to everyone just how incredible of a place it is, so naturally that’s where we wanted to tie the knot.  But as much as we love Kauai, it pales in comparison to the people in our lives, so we wanted to make sure that these same people would be able to attend our wedding.  We threw in ideas of some places significant to us, such as AT&T Park or the California Academy of Sciences, but it was a chance-hit that really blew us away.  While randomly searching online for venues, we came across one in Napa.  It appealed to us in that it was in an area that we were very familiar, and in an area very close to many of Ronald’s immediate and extended family. So we took a leap and took a tour of Fairview Napa.  The photos online did not do this place justice.  We loved the grounds of the ceremony site, and the beautiful draping and chandeliers of the reception area.  Although the venue is part of the Napa golf course, it didn’t feel like part of a golf course.  Between the beauty of the venue and it’s familiar location, we knew immediately that we had found our venue.”

Huge thanks to their awesome vendors!

Venue: Fairview Napa

Hair: Status Salon

Makeup: Marlyn Valencia

Videographer: Davey Hibler Productions

Florist: Garaventas Florist and Gifts

Cake: Sweetie Pies Baker

DJ: DJ Eternal

Wedding Coordinator: Paige Pronesti, Fairview Napa

Officiant: Steve Sigler

Dress: Trudy’s Brides

Tux: Suit Supply San Francisco




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