One of our favorite parts of the wedding (other than getting to spend the day with our fabulous Brides and Grooms) is the Wedding CAKE! There are so many options for cakes, from the cake flavor, the frosting, the decorations, and of course… the cake topper. This year our couples have created a variety of beautiful cakes so without further ado, here are the Top 5 wedding cake trends of 2019!

1. Semi-Naked Cakes

One of the hottest wedding cake trends this year were semi-naked cakes. If you haven’t heard of a semi-naked cake, it’s when a cake has less frosting and allows the beautiful inside colors of the cake to show through. Many couples chose to decorate their cake with matching flowers from their bouquet but a fun and unique idea is to use colorful fruit!

Bakeries featured (left top and middle) Freeport Bakery, (left bottom) Claire’s Cakery,
(right) Family Friend, Pam Brozek

2. Classic White Cakes

One cake that will never go out of style in the multi-tiered classic white cakes. A classic white cake is so versatile for any wedding. Our brides and grooms decorated their cakes with florals, custom cake toppers, and even chocolate covered strawberries! Each bakery has their own styles of designs and textures that can be added for extra flair to this classic look.

Bakeries featured (left to right) Mim’s Bakery, Frank Vilt’s Cake
Bakeries featured (left to right) Monica’s Cakes @ Forest House Lodge, Something Sweet, Two Chicks in the Mix, unknown, Ettore’s Bakery

3. Ombre & Brightly Colored Cakes

One of the newer(ish) trends is the multi-tiered ombre wedding cakes! This style of cake is perfect for the couple that wants the cake to stand out amongst the craziness of the reception. Brightly colored frosting that starts out darker at the base layer and gradually gets lighter towards the top. Then to make it their own, each couple chose a custom cake topper to match their personalities.

Bakeries featured (left to right) Above & Beyond Cakes, Freeport Bakery
Bakery featured: Sweetie Pies, Napa

4. Gold Accented Cakes

For our fall wedding cake trends, we started to see a lot of beautiful gold accents on white wedding cakes. Gold is an elegant color that matches almost any color scheme. This is one of our favorite tends and we are hoping to see more gold accents throughout 2020!

Bakeries features (top) Sweetie Pies, (bottom left) Freeport Bakery, (bottom right) Family Friend

5. Single Tied Cakes

There are a lot of people who prefer other desserts over the cake, but they still want to have the opportunity for the traditional “cake cutting.” For these couples, we are noticing they are opting for a simple, single-tiered wedding cake. This is the perfect way to have a cake with the addition of other non-cake wedding desserts.

Bakeries featured (left to right) Freeport Bakery, Melinda’s Gluten-Free Bakery, unknown

BONUS: Non-Cake Wedding Desserts

What ties together a fall wedding better than pies?? We are talking, Cute. Individual. Mini. Pies. Not only are they adorable, but they were delicious and had tons of variety so every guest had the opportunity to grab their favorite flavor!

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Mini Pie created by Freeport Bakery

A croquembouche is a towering confection of vanilla pastry cream drizzled with caramel, typically considered a “French Wedding Cake.” This is a fun dessert that will have all your guests gushing over its extravagance.

Croquembouche and cake created by Gerhard Michler

Donuts are ALL the range for 2019 and definitely going into 2020. I mean, who doesn’t love donuts? A maple bar, sprinkled vanilla glazed, and old fashioned. There are so many fun options! “Donut Mind If I Do” have a delicious donut…..

Donuts created by Donut King

Jar Desserts are a unique way to display and deliver desserts. After having a killer reception meal, you know you’re guests ate way too much and are super full. With a jar dessert, they can take it to go! You know your tipsy aunt is going to need a snack when you drive her home!

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Jar desserts created by Havana Catering

This Bobo Tea Bar is a first in our ten years of shooting weddings and we are obsessed. This is such a fun idea that originated from Philipino cultures and we can’t wait to see these become more popular!

Boba Bar vendor unknown



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