Lucy and Jacob at the Club

The Robert H. Miller Rotary Clubhouse was beautifully decorated with elegant chandeliers in the high ceilings. The altar arch was draped in branches and leaves. Guests were ushered in to watch Lucy say “I do” to Jacob.

Two side-by side images of venue decorations; Left image of altar arch decorated with branches. Right image of floral table centerpiece.

Falling In Love At a Coffee Shop

When Lucy met Jacob she had just finished up a job interview at Starbucks. The interviewing supervisor asked the standard question of whether she knew anyone who worked there. Just as Lucy was saying she’d kinda known Jake from high school he walked into the shop.

Three images of wedding dress, bride being helped into dress, and bride in dress looking out of window with pink perfume bottle out of focus in foreground.

When the supervisor called Jake over, Lucy was just mortified, but she managed a smile that Jake would remember. She got the job at Starbucks and found out Jake no longer worked there. y never see him again, until fate (and a coworker) stepped in by inviting her to a party…and Jake was there. They talked all night.

Two images: black and white of bride twirling in her wedding dress, color image of grandparents seeing bride in dress.
Two images of groom getting ready.
Three images: Top image; bride receiving gift from groom. Bottom two; groom receiving gift from bride.

Laugh Together

Lucy and Jacob had fun with each other during their First Look Session. Lucy approached Jake and with a giggle gave him “bunny ears” before her turned around to see his beautiful bride.

Two images side-by-side: Black and white image of groom with back turned to bride for First Look. Color image of bride with back to groom turning to look at him.

Lucy’s beautiful bouquets of daisies and delphiniums were made with love by Jacob’s mom.

Four images: Top left of bride with her bridesmaids. Top right of bridal party bouquets. Bottom left of Groomsmen boutonnieres. Bottom right of Groom with Groomsmen.
Two side-by-side images of wedding party posing.

From the Coffee Shop to the Wedding Aisle

Jake was all smiles because the girl he vaguely knew in high school and met again in a Starbucks was now going to be his wife.

Two side-by-side images: Right image of Groom at altar laughing. Right image of toddler being pushed down aisle during processional in a stroller
Two side-by-side images: Left image of Groom with groomsmen watching bride walk down the aisle. Right image of Bride walking down the aisle.
Four images: Top left of wedding party at altar interacting with guests watching. Top right black and white image of Groom wiping tears away. Bottom two images of guests watching ceremony.

Underneath the glimmering chandeliers of the Robert H. Miller Clubhouse, Lucy and Jake stood in front of everyone they loved and pledged their love to each other.

One POV image from back of aisle of bride and groom standing hand in hand at other end of aisle with chandeliers above them.
Two black and white images side-by-side; left image of family crying. Right image of bride and groom exchanging looks.
Four images: Top left image of groom looking at bride while she laughs. Top right of bride with a big smile looking at groom, Bottom left image of bride and groom exchanging rings. Bottom right of first kiss.
One image of newly married couple recessional with high-fives to guests.

Hugs and handkerchiefs as their friends congratulate the happy newlyweds

Two side-by-side images: left image black and white of Groomsmen embracing groom. Right color image of Bride having her tears wiped away by bridesmaids.

Cards, Champagne, and Canapes

Everything about this wedding was sweet. From the photo sign-in book for guests to leave messages to the delicious canapes being served during cocktail hour, each detail was carefully thought out.

Five images of details: Top right of guest book, top middle of wedding favors of tiny wine bottles, top right of colored pens for guest book. Bottom two images of canap├ęs.

Let’s Sneak a Moment

Lucy and Jacob take a moment for themselves to just take in the events of the day. Without a doubt, these moments are key during your wedding day. Lucy and Jacob were able to steal away and connect before heading back to the party. Just a moment to breathe.

Two side-by-side romance images: left image of bride sitting on groom's lap. Right image of bride twirling in her dress as groom watches.

Cake and Ducks

Because of the couple’s sense of fun and whimsy, their cake which was made Karen’s Bakery was adorned by a non-traditional topper that featured an artist rendering of the bride and groom in a copper and gold triangle. In between the layers lay daisies. And sitting at the bottom were a bride and groom rubber ducky couple.

Two side-by-side images of wedding cake.

While the catering was done by Flour Dust Pizza Co. who made delicious personal pizzas for the guests.

Five images of pizza chefs catering event: Top left image of chef applying sauce. Top middle image of chef in front of pizza oven. Top right image of pizzas stacked on racks. Bottom two images of personal pizzas on pizza boards.
Two side-by-side images: Left image of oversized Jenga game. Right image of bubble floating over bushes.

Introducing, Mr. and Mrs., Finally!

Lucy and Jacob entered the reception to cheers and applause and toasts, lead in by her new husband, Lucy positively glowed, outshining the chandeliers.

One image of couple's grand entrance.
Two side-by-side images of couple playing the shoe game.
Four images of various guests toasting the newlyweds.

After the shoe game and the toasts, Lucy and Jake cut their cake. Lucy playfully smashed the cake all over Jakes face making extra sure to get it in his beard.

Three images: Top image of bride smashing cake in groom's face. Bottom left image of groom with cake on his face. Bottom right image of couple kissing after cake smash.

And They Danced.

Once the cake smashing and laughter was done, Beat Fleet DJs set the mood for the couple’s first dance.

Three images: Top image of couple's first dance. Two bottom images of parents dancing with bride and groom.
Two side-by-side images: left image of group with one guest lying across the table. Right image of groom dancing.
Seven images of various guests dancing.

And the party ended with bubbles!

One image of bride and groom dancing while surrounded by guests and bubbles.

Congratulations, Lucy and Jacob!

One close up image of wedding rings.



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