Country Club Wedding

Norma and Jim said “I do” on a beautiful winter morning at Serrano Country Club. Located in El Dorado Hills, just east of Sacramento, this venue’s lush lawns and beautiful oak trees was perfect.

Three images: Top image of bride standing against window with reflection. Bottom left image of bride in silk robe with word "bride" on back. Bottom right image of bride in silk robe and veil looking to the right.

Norma stood on the clubhouse balcony in her silk robe with the word “bride” scrawled on the back. The January sun shined on her face as the windows caught her reflection.

Her lace and tulle ball gown with the sweetheart neckline hung elegantly on the wooden stand. Her bejeweled platform stilettos with the peek-a-boo sides glinted from the shadows.

Four images: top left image of dress hanging from coat rack. top right image of bejeweled platform stiletto heels. Bottom left image of of bridal details.
Three images: left image of bride in gown and veil hugging her father. middle image of bride smiling at the camera in gown and veil. Right image of bride in gown and veil holding hands with mother.

Before the ceremony, Norma enjoyed some special moments laughing with and hugging her parents.

As they sat together on a bed, the bride leaned gently against her mother’s shoulder, trying not to cry and ruin her make-up. They held each other’s hands in prayer.

Two images: Left black and white image of bride and mother sitting on bed in a snuggle. Right color image of bride's and her mother's hands together.

Norma smiled sweetly as she read the handwritten note from Jim. She held the piece of paper to her heart and her eyes welled up with tears.

Two images: Top image of bride sitting in a chair holding groom's letter to her chest and looking down. Bottom image of bride looking to side and smiling while holding letter to her heart.

Grinning From Ear to Ear

While Norma got ready at the clubhouse, Jim prepped for the big day at Holy Trinity Parrish where the ceremony would take place. Just like James Bond, Jim looked suave in his white suit jacket and tie. Undoubtedly, he felt good too as he smiled widely and walked smoothly.

Three images: Left image of groom putting waistcoat on with help. Middle image of groom buttoning suit coat looking off to the side. Right image of groom smiling as he walks in suit.

Indeed, Jim was moved by Norma’s letter to him as he wiped away tears.

Single image of groom wiping away tears as he reads bride's letter to him.

Time to Say “I do”

In view of their loved ones, Jim watched anxiously as his bride seemed to float down the aisle toward him. Norma held tightly to the arm of her father and toward her husband-to-be.

Two images: Left image of groom watching bride as she walks down the aisle. Right image of bride and father walking down the aisle.
Single POV image from beginning of aisle looking toward front of aisle at bride and father from behind walking toward groom as he watches.

As Father Pepin Dandou began to speak, the couple looked at each other and smiled. Despite their nerves, they had waited for this day and were ready. Jim set their minds at ease as he lifted her hand for a gentle kiss.

Two images: left image of bride and groom seated at altar and smiling at each other. Right image of groom kissing bride's hand.

Absolutely, this was the day Norma and Jim dreamed of.

Single black and white pullback image of church ceremony.

The Blossom Shop of Folsom provided all the beautiful flowers for this event. Especially touching were the memorial arrangements they created.

Three images of floral arrangements.

First Day of Forever

Following the church ceremony, the couple joined guests at Serrano Country Club to celebrate. Jim and Norma walked together hand-in-hand along the brick path as the sun set.

Three images: Top POV image from behind bushes of bride and groom kissing in sunset light. Bottom left of sun shining on bride and groom as it sets. Bottom right image of bride and groom walking down brick path while holding hands.

Icing On the Cake

As the evening began and toasts were made, Norma and Jim cut into this amazing cake created by Frank Vilts Cakes.

Three images: Left image close-up of cake. Top right image of couple cutting the cake. Bottom right image of bride putting icing on groom's nose.

Dance the Night Away

Eventually, the couple found their way to the dance floor where A&A Music Events set the spotlight for their choreographed First Dance.

two images: Left image of bride and groom's grand entrance. Right image of bride smiling as groom twirls her in a dance.
Three images of bride and groom in choreographed dance.

They twirled and dipped and kissed their way across the floor. As a result, the whole world seemed to disappear and it was just the two of them.

Three images of bride and groom in choreographed dance.

Congratulations, Norma and Jim!

Single image of bride and groom happy at their reception.



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