Like Superman and Lois Lane

Beautiful Strauss Island in the Elk Grove Park Pavilion is the perfect venue for an intimate ceremony. The site is surrounded by a water-feature with swans, a fountain, and flanked by a long bridge. At the end of the bridge is a white gazebo that offers shade under a canopy of willow trees making for a grand entrance.

The details of the wedding reflected the couple’s love of comics. Their invitations and RSVPs were adorable as mocked up issues of The Daily Planet. Tawnya’s beaded dress and gold eyelet pumps had a retro glam feel that would make even Lois Lane envious.

Three color images: Top image of lay flat with rings, shoes, and invitations. Bottom left POV image of shoes under wedding dress. Bottom right image of wedding dress details.

Tawnya and Scott enjoyed some moments with their parents as the got ready for their day. Their mothers each helped put on their handmade comic book paper craft boutonniere and hairclip, nodding to their theme.

Four color images: Right image of bride with mother helping her button her dress. Middle top image of handmade hair clip and boutonniere. Bottom middle image of father of groom helping groom with tie. Right image of mother of groom putting on groom's boutonniere.
Two color images: Left image of bride holding note from groom. Right image of bride wiping away tears as she reads groom's note.

The couple opted not to have a First Look Session, but exchanged love notes before the ceremony instead. Undoubtedly, as they read their words to each other Tawnya cried and Scott clutched his heart with emotion, they had a moment.

Three images: Top color image of groom reading note from bride smiling. Bottom left black and white image of groom touching his heart after reading note. Bottom right color image of groom holding note from bride.

Gifts and Grins

Scott gifted his best man, Stephen with a bottle of Sake. As a result, they celebrated a little early with a sake shot. Absolutely a must before tying the knot.

Two color images: left image of best man pouring whiskey shot for groom. Right image of groom and best man with a whiskey toast.

Tawnya, accordingly, gifted her Maid of Honor, Meghan with a thoughtful bracelet of a knot to thank her for being there on her big day.

Three color images: Top image of maid of honor gift

Additionally, the couple each gave their mothers a handkerchief with a sweet poem embroidered on it.

Three color images: left image of bride hugging her mother while giving her a gift. Top right images of mother of groom opening gift from groom. Bottom right image of mother's gift; a handkerchief with a poem embroidery.
Single color image of bride against a white wall.

Meet You At the Altar

Tawnya anxiously waited for Scott to see her as she hid behind the Pavilion building and waited. Her parents and Scott’s parents both smiled as they began t he processional.

Two color images of both sets of parents in processional.

Their adorable corgi, Butterball, was such the dapper gentleman in his tails and tie as he led Meghan in procession.

Two color images: left image of corgi dressed in suit looking up at camera. right image of maid of honor walk processional with corgi on leash.

Finally, the moment comes, when Tawnya, arm in arm with her father, makes her way over the bridge to Scott.

Four images: Top left black and white of bride beginning her processional with her father. Bottom left color image of groom watching bride walk towards him. Top right color image close-up of bride in processional with father. Bottom right color image of father giving away bride.
Two color images: top image of couple standing at altar under an arch and a large tree. Bottom image side-view of couple with guests watching.
Four color images: Top left of woman in red dress watching ceremony. Bottom left of guests watching ceremony. Top right of couple at altar with pond behind them and guests watching. Bottom right of bride smiling at officiant.
Two color images: left image of entire wedding and guests watching. right image close-up of couple looking at officiant.
Five images: Top left color image of bride smiling at groom who has his back to camera,Top middle color image of officiant blessing rings Top right color image of groom smiling at bride with her back to camera. Bottom left color image of maid of honor handing bride the ring. Bottom right black and white close-up image of rings being exchanged.
Two color images: Top image of first kiss. Bottom image of beginning recessional.

And just like that they were married.

Single color image of bride and groom from low POV standing against a brick backdrop looking at each other.
Single color image of entire wedding party and guests looking at camera.

Everyone gathered for one of Dee and Kris’s well known group shots. Because of how fun they are, they are always a favorite. Afterwards, they all turned around and celebrated the couple with toasts and cake.

Four images: Top left color image of single tier cake with comic book decoupage M behind it. Top right black and white image of couple cutting the cake. Bottom left color image of cake being served by groom. Bottom right color image of couple holding cake while kissing.
Four color images of toasts and congratulatory hugs from guests.

The newlyweds found a moment to sneak away with Butterball to just be with each other.

Two color images: left image of bride and groom walking their corgi. Right image full body shot of corgi in suit.

Congratulations, Tawnya and Scott!

Two color images: left image of bride kissing room from behind while they stand under a willow tree. Right image of Groom in celebratory pose while bride looks at him.



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