The Dee and Kris Beauty Guide and WEDDING BEAUTY TIPS

Over the years we have found that our couples want our opinions regarding beauty tips. We are NOT beauty professionals, and highly suggest finding a great makeup & hair artist to get the best recommendations for you personally. They know what they are talking about and can help provide you with the best information. We do have a few opinions after photographing women for over 10 years and have laid this all out for you here!

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1. Hydrate

Drink a lot of water weeks before the wedding and make sure you have bottled water on hand the day of. Hydrated skin glows and a hydrated bride is a happy bride. This will also keep you going. Your body is made up mostly of water and needs to be replenished regularly, treat your body right and give it what it craves. A great tip for the wedding day is to have small water bottles on ice for you and your bridal party to easily access. You can also spice it up and put in a few juice boxes, Starbucks drinks, and Gatorades. This way everyone will be likely to keep hydrated throughout the getting ready period and though out the day. It is great to have water and drinks during formal picture time as well as often it is warm and dehydration can be rapid. Keeping cool water and drinks close by is a great way to stay cool and comfortable. 

2. Hair & Makeup

If possible do a practice run with your makeup and hair artists. If you have an engagement session with your package we recommend doing your trial the day of your session so you can see what your makeup looks like in pictures. Your stylist can change your hair up a bit so it won’t be the exact same for your wedding, but you can see how it holds during your session. This will allow you to see how long it takes for them to do their magic. Some artists are quicker than others. It is good to get a realistic estimate of how long you should budget the day of. This will also relieve stress on your wedding day as they will already know exactly what you want and you can just relax. 

Consider eyelash extension for your wedding day, but DO A TRIAL! These are so much more natural looking, and comfortable to wear instead of false strip lashes. They are more expensive, but brides have told us they were well worth the money. So take this tip from about 20 past couples!

If you are going to have hair extensions, make sure you do a trial and they wear well and are attached properly. One thing we notice about extensions is that when it is warm then can get tangled up and turn into a matted mess. Work with your hair stylist to ensure this is not an issue for you. We have seen them done wonderfully and completely natural, but that is because the bride and professionals worked together to be sure they planned ahead and got the right kind of extensions and placed them correctly. For recommendations for hair and makeup check out Morgan Merrill, Shana Beals, and Christi Reynolds

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3. Tanning

If you are going to get a spray on tan, it is good to do a test run to make sure the color used is natural and even. We have seen a lot of orange hands and missed areas, so it is good to get this done a few times before your wedding day to be sure you like it and you work out all the kinks. 

If you tan by the sun or a bed you will want to be aware of bathing suit straps to avoid marks on your shoulders and back. If you do tan (spray or sun) make sure you let your makeup artist know that you are darker the day of your wedding so they don’t use the same base color they tested during your trial. 

4. Alcohol

Try to limit drinking the day before the wedding. Alcohol dries the skin and dehydrates which leads to wedding day headache and fatigue. If you do drink then it is a good idea to double your water intake. This will also help hand and facial swelling and redness.

On the day of the wedding champagne, shots, and beer are often consumed. If you are going to have these then make sure we know so we can capture the toast! … or whatever else may occur. 





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