Your wedding day is the longest, shortest day of your life. It starts early and before you know it, it is over. We want to help you solidify the moments of your day and assist with “Memory Markers.” “Memory Markers” are events that occur that are high emotion, meaningful, sensory-driven. Here are some great way to create these authentic throughout your day.

1. Toast

Whether you want to toast with sparkling wine, beer, apple cider, or a shot, this is a fun way to bring everyone together. There is always the dinner toast, but we are talking about the toast done during your prep time. It is a fun way to tell old stories, laugh, and sometimes cry with your bridal party and shake off the nerves. You can include your parents as well for a tender moment between you all. 

How to enjoy every moment of your wedding day, champagne toast before wedding, Bridesmaid toast

2. Letters

Many of our couples have decided to exchange love notes to each other on their wedding day. These are keepsakes kept forever to look back throughout the years. Some write these letters well in advance and exchange them the night before, to be opened on the wedding day; while others write these notes the morning of the wedding to express how they are feeling. This is a great way to slow the day down and remember why you are there. 

This isn’t reserved just for your fiancé, you can also write your parents a letter to express your gratitude and love for them and all they have done for you. Many couples write letters to their bridal party as well; yes, there are tears! 

3. Gifts

It is traditional to give gifts to your bridal party the night before the wedding, however very often these are also exchanged the day of the wedding to be captured on film. A small and meaningful gift exchanged to your parents is also sweet and well received.  If you want to exchange gifts to one another the day of your wedding as well. Just

 let us know and we can help give you some quiet time to enjoy this moment. 

Enjoy Every Moment of your Wedding Day, black and white emotional moments

4. First Look

Traditionally the alter has been where the groom sees his bride for the first time. In the times when superstition ruled many traditions, it was thought to be ‘bad luck’ to see the bride before the wedding. Modern brides still want that WOW factor from their soon to be husbands, but have discovered this moment is more magical when it can be savored between just the two of them. Can’t decide on a traditional or private first look? Read more in-depth about a first look HERE. Also, consider special moments by doing the first look with your Father and your Bridesmaids

5. Touch

Stop and look at each person you love. Hold your families hands, give them a hug, enjoy the moments for what they are. Laugh, cry and don’t worry about your makeup. We will help fix anything that needs to be fixed. It is these memories that you will carry forever. 




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