Daddy’s little girl is all gown up and getting married to the man of her dreams! Many guys don’t think too much about the frilly details about a wedding, but giving his daughter away on her wedding day is a HUGE moment. To him, the moment where the officiant asks who gives this woman to this man and he stands and says “I do” is the moment when his daughters whole life flashes in front of him. She’s all gown up and starting her own family with his new son-in-law.

The wedding will be a whirl-wind for you and your groom, but also for your dad! If you are close to your father, we suggest taking a few moments to do a first look just for him. This helps everyone stop and enjoy the little moments and also allows you father the chance to take it all in. 

First looks with dad are one of our favorite moments to photograph because even the “tough guys” show their true emotions when it comes to their daughter’s wedding. 

During your first look, you might consider a small gift or even a letter to your father help slow down such a busy and emotional day. Small gifts, like a bowtie or cufflinks, that he can wear for your wedding day and in the future are special tokens that capture and bring back these memories every time he wears them.

Here are a few of our favorite first look with dad moments:

First Look with your dad on wedding day, why your dad wants to do a first look
Sacramento Wedding, first look with father, Father-daughter first look on wedding day
First look with father, Daughter-father first look on wedding day, sacramento Vizcaya Wedding photos

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