Love at First Swipe

As coordinator Kelle Collier prepared the beautiful Granite Bay Golf Club for the intimate wedding, Mia and Justin remembered their beginning. They met on a dating app in 2017. After talking with each other for a little bit, they decided to meet the next day. Their first date was for lunch the next day. Lunch turned into dinner turned into breakfast. They spent the whole weekend together just talking and getting to know each other… platonically. From that day on, they were inseparable.

The gorgeous mahogany walls of The Library were lined with windows and shelves of books creating a richness and elegance. In addition, the fire in the stone fireplace glowed with warmth on this December day. The club’s classic holiday decorations intermingled with the details of the wedding decor added to the romance of the day.

Three images: Left image of The Library at Granite Bay Golf Club. Right top image of wooden sign with couple's last name in front of a Christmas tree. Bottom right image of venue's holiday wreath and staircase swag.

The tablescapes shimmered with gold accents that played against the candlelight. The favors and napkins were a beautiful mix of holiday green and red that stood out against the cream tablecloths.

Four images: Top left image of green and red wedding favors. Top middle image of table setting with green and red personalized napkins. Top right image of cake cutting utensils on glittering gold tablecloth. Bottom image of venue tables.

Getting Glamorous

Mia got ready at Thunder Valley Casino Resort with the help of her best friend and Maid of Honor, Kelly. They hugged and laughed together in matching personalized robes as Mia got ready for her big day.

Four images: Top image of Bride and Maid of Honor looking at each other arm-in-arm in matching personalized robes. Bottom right image of case filled with bridal supplies. Bottom middle image of bride with back to the camera show the word "bride" on back of robe. Bottom right image of labeled greeting cards.

Absolutely every detail was perfect. From the invitations Mia found at Minted to the strap sandals that she wore on this winter day in California.

Four images: Top left image of layflat with bride's details. Top left image of shoes, invitations, and rings. Bottom right image of headband and sash that say "bride". Bottom right image of rings stacked atop each other.

Mia’s sweet cap sleeve dress fit the bride’s even sweeter personality perfectly. Undoubtedly she felt beautiful in it as she smiled in the window light.

Three images: Left image of wedding dress hanging in doorway. Middle image of sandals on chair. Right image of bride in her dress smiling in window light.
Four images: Top left image of bride laughing at camera with hands in her pockets. Top middle image of bride having her bracelet put on. Top right image of bride putting on earrings. Bottom image of bride sileing while enveloped in her veil.

Not only did Mia’s clean and simple style reflect in her dress and jewelry, but also her light and elegant makeup done by the fantastic Morgan Merrill of MM Beauty Skin and Makeup Studio,

Four images: Tope left image of makeup artist Morgan Merrill reapplying lipstick to bride outdoors. Top right image of bride looking down with hand on her shoulder. Bottom left image of bride looking at camera smiling. Bottom right image of makeup artist Morgan Merrill and coordinator Kellie Collier smiling while under a blanket to block the rain.

Dee and Kris know that a good team is, without a doubt, the key to having a wedding go smoothly. Morgan and Kelle were amazing in making this happen for Mia and Justin this day.

Single image close-up of bride outdoors.

Thunder Valley unquestionably provided a unique portrait backdrop with its large windows coupled with the wood and glass doors. The bride positively glowed, outshining the sun.

Three images: Top left image of bride taken through glass window of wooden door. Top right image of bride standing in front of window. Bottom image of bride holding bouquet looking out window.

Clearly the Maid of Honor’s son and daughter thought that Mia was radiant.

Two images: Left image of Maid of Honor's son. Right image of Maid of Honor's daughter.

The Groom Looked So GQ

Indeed the bride looked gorgeous. However, it should be noted that the groom looked equally sharp in his debonair suit and tie.

Three images: Left image of groom standing in front of window in suit with hand in pocket. Top right image of groom straightening cuff links in window light. Bottom right black and white image of groom from a distance.

First Moments and Vows

On this occasion, Mia and Justin decided to modify the wedding tradition a bit. They didn’t want to see each other, but they enjoyed an intimate moment together to only say their vows to each other.

Three images: Left image of groom's hand holding phone with vows on it. Top right image of Maid of Honor's children peeking out a window. Bottom right image of couple standing back to back in bokeh with phone image of couple in foreground.

Justin wiped away a tear as they whispered their vows to each other on the balcony of Granite Bay Golf Club. Finally, they clasped hands and were ready to make these vows in front of guests.

Two images: Top black and white image of bride and groom back to back and groom wiping tear away as bride reads her vows. Bottom color image of couple back to back holding hands.

Justin was choked up, without a doubt, as he caught sight of his bride for the first time. As she walked down the aisle toward him, he wiped away tears of joy.

Three images: Top image of bride and her mother walking down the aisle. Middle image of groom at end of aisle wiping tears away. Bottom image of couple coming together at altar.

CCC Officiant Charlie Moynahan performed the ceremony with grace and eloquence. She got to know the couple quite well throughout the wedding planning process. One of the services she offers as an officiant is wedding and marriage counseling to help the couple have a long and happy marriage.

Three images: Top image of bride and groom holding hands facing each other as officiant speaks in front of holiday ecorated fireplace mantle. Bottom left image of bride smiling at groom. Bottom right image of groom smiling at bride.

Along with the room’s elegance was the added warmth of the holiday decorations as the ceremony backdrop. Among the evergreen and twinkle lights, Mia and Justin pledged their love.

Three images: Top image of officiant blessing and holding rings out for couple. Bottom left image of groom putting ring on bride. Bottom right image of bride putting ring on groom.
Three images: Top left image of couple looking at each other while guests watch. Top right image of couple's first kiss. Bottom image of new husband and wife greeting guests.

The new husband and wife greeted guests happily.

Two images: Left image of couple with wedding party in front of bar. Right image of Maid of Honor with her children.

In addition to the beautiful job Kelle Collier did making the venue inviting, Visual Impact Designs added to the day with their lovely winter-themed floral designs.

Two images: Top image of holiday-themed floral centerpiece. Bottom image of sweethearts table with gold tablecloth and Mr. and Mrs, sign in front of floral arrangement.
Four images of various wedding details and signs.

Time to Celebrate

The new Mr. and Mrs. made their grand entrance to cheering guests!

Two images: Top image of couples grand entrance. Bottom image of couple seated in front of fireplace in a kiss.

The couple playfully cut into the amazing three-tiered cake provided by Above and Beyond Cakes. Truly, in one of the cutest moments of the evening, Mia got frosting on Justin’s face. Naturally, this meaning she had to lick it off.

Four images: Top left image of white three-tired wedding cake decorated with fresh flowers. Top right image of couple cutting cake. Bottom left image of bride wiping cake on groom's forehead. Bottom right image of bride licking frosting off of groom's forehead.

Of Course We Will

Together with their wedding party, Mia and Justin took portraits on Granite Bay Golf Course’s beautiful lawns. The overcast skies made a beautiful diffused light that fell upon the couple .

Three images: Top left image of wedding party outdoors in classic post. Top right image of wedding party walking towards camera. Bottom image of groom helping bride walk across the lawn toward camera.

And with a kiss, they begin their forever.

Three images: Left image voyeur view from bushes of couple kissing. Top right image full length of bride on lawn. Bottom right image full length of groom on lawn.
Four images: Top left image of couple iin staggered pose on lawn with groom looking to the left and bride looking at camera. Middle Left image elevated point of view of couple walking together on bridge with bride looking over shoulder at camera. Bottom left image close-up of couple in staggered pose with groom out of focus looking to left bride in focus looking at camera over groom's shoulder. Right image of couple standing at the end of bridge kissing.

Congratulations, Mia and Justin!

Single image of couple walking through sparkler exit.



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