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01. Weddings

wedding day storytellers

the day in an almost tangible way. We want you to be able to not only get ideas from our past couples, but enjoy their moments through fresh eyes. We want you to get excited about your wedding when you see these images and imagine what your day will look like in print!
Enjoy walking through the last few years of Dee & Kris Photography, and slow down and enjoy the moments that are so precious to our lovely couples. This is why we do our job. This is the reward. Enjoy

A wedding day is full of SO much. Couples spend hours, days, months, and in some cases, years planing this event down to every last detail. All this planning comes down to a single day - moments that flitter by, to be remembered over a lifetime. To tell their children about, their grandchildren about for years to come. Many of the details are never seen by the couple because they are busy visiting with loved ones and enjoying their festivities. 
These blog posts are to help relive these fun, crazy, wedding days. To slow the day down and remember the details, the tears, the emotion. To give our couples and our visitors a way to feel 

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02. Engaged

Telling the story of your love

She has said yes! Time to make time for the two of you, before the wedding day. This is the time you can express your personality and love for one another. A time of relaxation and fun. These are often the images on the walls for years to come as they reflect who you are as a couple. Capturing your playfulness and enjoyment of one anther. When he steals a look at her and still has that "look" in his eyes. The only look that she can give him. A little upturned grin and sparkler. That is what we are set out to capture.
Every couple you will see has their own journey that all lead them to the same choice 

of marriage. We work with our couples to come up with a location and setting that really reflects who you are as a couple. Some choose the city, while others choose the country. Everyone has their own style and feel. We just want you to have fun, laugh, and just not care to much about the camera. Be a little goofy and make some memories. Jump in the ocean, drink some wine, smile. These are the days you will reflect on. 

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